Sunday, June 24, 2012

REVEALED! Why Generals Forced Jonathan To Sack Azazi

Multiple sources in Abuja have confirmed to NewsNigerians that President Goodluck came under immense pressure from political gladiators from the North, particularly two Generals, and he was left with no better option, giving the challenges coming from Boko Haram.

He had to give in and sack his brother, Gen. Andrew Azazi from the position of NSA and replaced him with a retired Colonel, Sambo Dasuki....

In recent times, Jonathan has not enjoyed corporation from top power brokers from the North, even those who are members of his party, the PDP. The problem, was told, was his decision to appoint Azazi from Bayelsa State as NSA rather than maintain the status quo and appoint one of their own.

It was gathered that the two top Generals are aggrieved with appointments made by President Jonathan since he assumed office, but the crux of the matter is the office of the NSA.

Traditionally, the North considers the position of NSA as its own. Highly placed persons from the zone had constantly been appointed the NSA until Jonathan summoned courage and appoint Azazi, following the resignation of Aliyu Gusau in 2011.

But the 'unexpected' summons by the House of Reps to the President last week was seen as an indictment on those in charge of security in his administration. “What the lawmakers said was that they needed the president to come and explain to them what he is doing to curtail the violence in the North.

“The sacking is of course, a clear answer to that question. That clearly sends a signal to the House that the President is not folding his arms, and that he is indeed, committed to winning the anti-terrorism war.

“He has sacked his security chiefs who he believed were not doing enough, and he has read the Riot Act to those still there,” a Presidency source said.

So, Jonathan's desire to finally satisfy the said generals and other aggrieved persons, in the interest of peace, made him appoint Sambo Dasuki as the new NSA. Dasuki is said to be linked to the two generals by profession and marriage.

But on his part, spokesman of a Coalition of Northern leaders, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, queried the rationale behind Dasuki’s appointment. He said with the appointment, Aliyu Gusau has returned to the office from the back door.

“Dasuki’s appointment is another controversial decision by the government. This is because as a brother-in-law to Gasau, the former NSA might have returned to office by proxy... But Nigerians would want to ask: Is Gusau or those close to him the only people that can serve as the NSA?

“But the important thing is this, if we put square pegs in square holes, there would be performance. But if you put people in security positions simply because of other considerations, then there would be problems...

“Dasuki’s antecedent as a security person is not very rich. He might have undergone some security courses but his main career was as an infantry officer,” he said.

On the sacking of Bello Haliru as Defence Minister, Dr. Junaid Mohammed simply said it's a "good riddance to bad rubbish" because the only thing that qualified him for that office, in the first place, is his party card as a PDP executive.

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